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The Four Things Your Hair Stylist Cannot Do

A good hairstylist can work magic, so to speak. There is no better moment for many women than when they are leaving a salon looking and feeling fabulous. Unfortunately not every woman walks away with that feeling. In some instances it could be a bad stylist or a good stylist having a bad day. It could also be unrealistic expectations from the client. To prevent your own disappointment are a few things to remember that your stylist is powerless to control.  

#1. Make you look like someone else.

You can (maybe) get a hairstyle similar to someone you find attractive. This is assuming your hair is the correct texture and length to make the style work. However, no matter how talented your stylist is, they cannot magically make you look like your sister, your best friend or that hot new actress. You will always look like you, just with a new hairstyle.

#2. Make a radical change look natural.

Coal black hair cannot be switched to platinum blonde in a single step without serious damage. In fact, it may not be possible at all. It is also pretty certain that radical shifts in color like this will never look natural or even appealing on most people. Skin tone and eye color often look best with a person's natural hair color or within a shade or two of that color. If you want to make a dramatic change, talk to your stylist about gradually darkening or lightening your strands over time. Slow changes will keep your hair strong and healthy and will give you time to find that perfect color that you love best.

#3. Read your mind.

If you really are unhappy with a style, take the time to express what it is that makes you unhappy. Your stylist wants you to enjoy your look, but they cannot make changes if they are not aware of how you feel. Likewise, when you are ready for a new style, bring photos or be clear about the changes you want. You may see be able to visualize in your mind exactly what you desire, but unless you can give your stylist a detailed explanation, they will not be able to help. 

#4. Instantly repair months of damage.

Some people will try to save money by styling, coloring and cutting their own hair for months or longer before they finally give in and schedule an appointment. Unfortunately not all damage can be instantly undone. Coloring hair back to a single, natural color, allowing some hair strands to grow out to create a cohesive cut or repairing dry, brittle hair may take a few months, please be patient.

Your stylist understands that people take their appearance and their hair styles very seriously. That is, after all, why they made this their career. Know that they really are doing everything they can to make you happy and to help you look your best. Good communication skills, realistic expectations and a little patience can make it much easier to get the look you want.