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Massage Myths You've Probably Heard (That Are Total Bunk)

There is so much conflicting information available about massage therapy that it can be hard to sort the truth from the lies. The following massage myths have been spread for years, and few of them, if any, hold more than a rice grain of truth.

Myth: Massages Lead to Soreness

Truth: Coming back from a massage with sore muscles is a problem that varies depending on the type of massages used. For example, Thai massages and Shiatsu and deep tissue massages involve more strenuous muscle movements which may leave some people sore. However, a careful massage therapist can alleviate much of this soreness by decreasing the severity of the massage movements.

Other massages, such as Swedish and Lomi Lomi massages, shouldn't produce any type of soreness when done properly. They are designed to be much more gentle on the body and to create a wide range of natural health benefits. If either of these massages generate pain or soreness, it might be wise to switch therapists, because they're probably doing it wrong.

Myth: Massages are Dangerous When You're Pregnant

Truth: Pregnant women often fear getting massages because they're worried it might stimulate a miscarriage. While there is some risk for that if the therapist is unskilled, most massage therapy sessions will be incredibly beneficial for a pregnant woman. In fact, there are some therapists who specialize in pregnancy massages.

Pregnancy massages are designed to be gentle, soothing, and relaxing for an expecting mother. They involve careful manipulations of muscles and pressure points, which is designed to alleviate pain and increase circulation. They can also help increase levels of relaxation and decrease any severe anxiety the mother may be feeling.

Myth: Massages Have No Health Benefits Beyond Relaxation

Truth: Most people understand that massage therapy offers relaxation benefits for both the mind and the body, but many don't realize that they actually offer many more health benefits. The health benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Calmed anxiety
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Boosted blood circulation
  • Stimulated lymph nodes, which helps circulate waste out of your body
  • Relieved cramps and spasms
  • Alleviated arthritic pain

Other massage therapy health benefit claims, such as the benefits of spinal manipulation, are more controversial, with many people arguing there is no tangible evidence massage therapy helps.

Hopefully the information presented here helps clear up any confusion you had surrounding your future massage. If you have any more questions or simply want to schedule a therapy session, don't hesitate to call a massage therapist as soon as possible.