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Take This Approach When You Tip The Person Who Cuts Your Hair

The right haircut, at a place like Nu Waves Salon & Day Spa, can make you feel confident as you work toward your goals, so it's beneficial to seek out the right person to cut your hair and give you the finished product that you desire. Once you've found that person, it's ideal to tip him or her to convey your appreciation for a job well done. Tipping the person you cut your hair is appropriate both after each appointment and over the holidays, provided you've been to the person several times throughout the year. While there are certain guidelines to keep in mind, it's important to always consider a variety of factors related to your haircut. Here's the approach to take in relation to tipping for this service.

Tipping After Each Visit

Plan to tip the person who cuts your hair around 20 percent of the cost of the service. Many people take different approaches to tipping -- some tip as low as 10 percent, while others are more generous and give around 25 percent. With around 20 percent, however, you can't go wrong. The simplest way to tip is to ensure that you know the cost of the service before your appointment and have the right amount of cash on hand -- you can then leave the cash for the person once your hair is cut.

Tipping Over The Holidays

Throughout the year, you might have your hair cut a number of times and develop a relationship with the person who performs this service. Additionally, it's proper etiquette to tip around the holidays as a way of expressing your thanks for all the care provided over the previous 12 months. You can give either a cash tip or buy a gift, but plan to make either form of tip about as much as your standard haircut appointment costs. This means that if you pay $30 for your haircut, give this much in cash or buy a gift of this value.

Things To Think About

As with tipping for many industries, the precise amount of the tip you give the person who cuts your hair can depend on several different considerations. Think about things such as how easily it is to get an appointment, whether the person is consistently on time and the degree to which the person cuts your hair based on your request. For example, if you have a picture or someone in a magazine that you wish to have copied, how accurately does the person cutting your hair do the job? Evaluating all these factors can help you decide exactly what you think the tips should be worth.