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Why You Should Always Blow Dry Your Hair Before Going Out into Cold Weather

If you ever have to go to a salon when the weather is very cold outside (and some people do in order to style their hair for a holiday gathering), be sure to request hair blow drying services. Your hair should be fully dry before you leave the salon and step out into the cold air. Here are some reasons why.

Frozen Icicle Hair Undoes Your 'Do

Your beautician, barber, or cosmetologist will blow-dry your hair so that the hairdo will stay in place for hours. If your hair is wet, the hairspray, styling mousse, or gel product cannot do its job. Worse still, walking out with wet hair means that your hair will freeze and your hairdo or style will fall. Your stylist will always advise you to blow-dry your hair before you leave or before you begin styling it when the weather is cold enough to turn your wet hair into icicles. 

Frozen Hair Is Fragile

Frozen hair is fragile hair. It has not had the time to dry properly. Hair that has not dried properly will still have open cuticles. Open cuticles are great for absorbing styling product, but in freezing weather with wet hair, the dampness causes ice crystals to form in the open cuticles. Slight tugs on your hair at this point makes the hair break and split at the cuticle openings where the ice crystals sit. Blow-drying the hair removes the damp, prevents the ice crystals from forming, and then cools the hair so that the cuticles naturally begin to relax and close on their own. When your dry hair hits the cold temperatures outdoors, the cuticles are able to fully close without ice crystals in the way, and your hair remains stronger for it.

It Only Takes a Few Extra Minutes

You might be tempted to rush through the styling process and skip blow-drying, thinking that you can get out of the stylist's chair faster and let your hair air-dry. In reality, the blow-drying only takes about four to ten extra minutes, depending on the length and thickness of your hair. When you consider that frozen hair will take hours to thaw out and finally dry and that there is a lot of damage done to frozen hair, it is worth it to spend the little extra money and the few extra minutes making sure your hair is dry before you head out into the frosty air.