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Why Hot Tubs And Exercise Have More In Common Than You Realize

When you think of a hot tub, you generally picture sitting in a bubbly, frothy tub that is very warm, relaxing, and rejuvenating. You may even picture sitting in a hot tub after a hard workout. However, that may just be where your linked concepts of exercise and hot tubs ends. These two things actually have more in common than you may realize. See for yourself.

Enter the Swim Spa Tub

Ever since an ad for these tubs claimed that Olympic swim champ Michael Phelps used the swim tubs for training, all would-be Olympic swimming enthusiasts and young hopefuls had to have one. Whether or not Mr. Phelps ever actually used a swim spa is another question. Yet, the advertising does reveal some useful and truthful information about these tubs. You can use them to train for swimming and when your training or workouts are complete, you can just sit back and relax, allowing the tub's warm, bubbly water to ease your worked muscles. 

Being able to use a spa tub for both exercise and post-workout rejuvenation is a unique connection indeed. Once you could only swim in the pool and relax muscle fatigue in the spa tub. Now you can do both in the same tub for less than it would cost to construct and install these two items separately. 

Hot Tubs Are Also Used in Reverse

By "used in reverse," it means that instead of madly working out first and then sitting in the hot tub, you can warm your muscles up without stretching them much and have them ready to move when you either get out of the tub or begin exercising in the tub. Those that choose to use the warming powers of water prior to carrying out exercise find that they are much more able to move freely and have a wider range of motion. 

Warm Water Baths Are Used to Help Athletes Focus Their Minds

Have you ever noticed how focused some athletes are when they compete? Meditation is key, but some athletes cannot calm their minds enough to focus. The warm water baths of a spa tub are exactly the ticket for this problem. If you play sports at either an amateur or professional level, you can get your mind into the game by taking long soaks the night before and the day of the match/game. You might be amazed at how much easier it is to keep your head in the sport when you have had a few good hours to sit and soak in a spa tub.