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6 Tips To Prepare For Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most popular beauty services among women these days. They can provide both length and volume, improving your appearance and self-confidence. If you plan on getting extensions soon, you need to get ready for them.

Here are a few ways to properly prepare for hair extensions.

Select the Right Color

From blonde and brown to pink and blue, hair extensions come in a variety of different colors. Ideally, you should select a color that matches your natural hair color. If you are currently growing out dyed hair, choose extensions that are close to the color of your roots. 

Wash Your Hair

It is important for your hair to be as clean as possible for your appointment. The cleaner your hair is, the easier the extensions will adhere to it. Before you head out for your appointment, wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove all the dirt and oil. Avoid using any styling products, as they cause buildup in your tresses.

Dry Your Hair Completely

You don't want to walk into the salon with wet or damp hair. Extensions won't be able to cling onto wet hair that well. Therefore, you should dry your hair completely with a blow-dryer before stepping out the door.

Bring Entertainment Options

Getting hair extensions is no quick task. In fact, you should expect to be in the salon for several hours. That is why you should bring items to entertain yourself, such as a book and headphones. If you are busy, the time will go by much faster.

Make Sure Your Natural Hair Isn't Too Short

Believe it or not, it is possible for hair to be too short for extensions. Without sufficient length, the extensions won't have enough room to attach. Ideally, you should have enough hair to pull back into a ponytail. If your hair is too short right now, you may have to wait to get hair extensions. 

Make Sure Your Hair Is Fairly Healthy

Although your natural hair does not have to be in perfect condition, it should be in fairly good shape. Extensions will just put more stress on already brittle hair. Take certain steps to improve the health of your hair, such as eating healthy foods and applying deep conditioning masks to your tresses.

If you are ready to get hair extensions, you should make an appointment with a skilled stylist today.