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Manicure Options For Those With An Active Lifestyle

While long, beautifully pained acrylic nails look nice, they may not be practical if you're someone who has an active lifestyle, spends a lot of time outdoors, or does hard or messy work with their hands. But you should not let this stop you from visiting a nail salon and getting a manicure. There are some manicure options that are better suited to people with your sort of active lifestyle.

A Clear Coat on Your Natural Nails

If you don't like the idea of colored nails or are worried that even the most durable nail polish might chip under your circumstances, then you may want to consider getting a simple manicure with clear nail polish. Your nail technician can clean up your cuticles, file your nails down so they are less likely to get caught on anything, and then apply a thin layer of clear nail polish just to give your nails a little shine and protection. The clear nail polish may even help prevent your nails from becoming stained by the materials you're working with.

Gel Nail Polish

If you can tolerate colored nail polish but don't want false nails, then ask your nail technician about gel nail polish. This polish is a lot more durable than standard, lacquer-style nail polish. It is painted on in layers, and it is cured under a UV lamp for extra durability. If you're really hands-on in your work and think even the gel polish might chip, then try a light color at first. Chips are less obvious with light colors. Over time, if you notice the polish is not chipping as much as you worried it might, you can work up to having brighter and darker colors applied.

Short, Dip Acrylics

Maybe you think you can tolerate false nails, but only if they are really short. The good news is that nail studios do offer acrylic nails that barely reach past the tip of your finger. You will want to ask for dip acrylics, rather than the type that is painted on. Dip acrylics do tend to be a bit sturdier, so they will hold up better when you're active and using your hands.

Being active and working with your hands does not mean you have to forego manicures entirely. If you enjoy visiting a nail salon, there are ways they can make your nails look nice without rendering them less functional or prone to damage.