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FAQs About Getting A Professional Facial

Getting a facial at a salon or spa can be a wonderful way to relax. It can also result in clearer skin, or perhaps relief from issues like dry skin or wrinkles. With that being said, however, people often have questions about facials. Here are some of the most common of those questions — along with answers.

How Do You Choose a Facial?

Most salons and spas have a long list of facial options. Choosing one is not always easy, but there are two easy ways you can narrow down your options. First, you can read the descriptions and see which facials appear to be designed for skin similar to yours. For example, if you have dry skin and one of the facials is called a "hydrating facial," that's probably a good one for you. Second, you could simply ask the salon professional to recommend a facial for you. They can look at your skin, ask you a few questions about your skin, and then tell you which of their facials are best suited to your needs.

How Long Do Facials Take?

This varies from salon to salon. Often, the facial "menu" will either give an approximate time for each facial, or it will say something to the effect of "each facial lasts 30 minutes." It's pretty typical for a facial to last around a half-hour to an hour. Keep in mind that during this time, your practitioner will administer several different steps or treatments. For example, you may have a cleansing, a mask, a steam session, and then a moisturizing massage within an hour.

Will Your Skin Be Irritated after a Facial?

That depends on the type of facial you have. If you have a facial that includes a chemical peel, extractions, or some sort of laser therapy, your skin might be a little red and irritated afterward. Your practitioner should apply a moisturizer and other soothing ingredients to your skin to reduce this discomfort. You may also need to avoid sunlight and medicated cleansers for a few days after the facial.

If your facial is a simple hydrating or rejuvenating one, then you probably won't have any skin irritation to contend with afterward.

Now that you've had some of your questions answered, you are ready to get a facial treatment. It should be a relaxing experience and one that you enjoy. So, take a deep breath, and relax into it.