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3 Health Benefits Of Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs

If you are interested in getting a hot tub, you may be trying to decide whether you want a hydrotherapy hot tub or a recreational hot tub. Hydrotherapy is a branch of alternative medicine/physiotherapy where bathing and/or water exercises are used to treat health issues, like muscle aches. Hydrotherapy hot tubs tend to feature more ergonomically designed seats, more temperature control, and massaging jets. Some hydrotherapy tubs may also be fitted with cartridges for saltwater and other mineral additives (known as balneotherapy). Here are just three health benefits that you could reap from hydrotherapy hot tubs.

They Help You Recuperate After Exercise

After a hard workout, you may experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). High-intensity exercises cause microscopic tears in muscle fibers, which can lead to a temporary increase in inflammation and muscle soreness. However, hydrotherapy hot tubs can help reduce DOMS since the warm water improves circulation, which improves oxygen and nutrient delivery so that sore muscles can heal. One study found that warm water jets could massage muscle tissue and help to release proteins into the blood, which could help with recovery and neuro-muscular performance capacity. Some hydrotherapy tubs also have a mechanism to switch from hot water to cold water. This temperature shift can be beneficial since colder water temperatures can reduce swelling and inflammation if you accidentally overworked a certain muscle group.

They Help You Reduce Stress and Anxiety

One study found that hydrotherapy—specifically balneotherapy—was an effective way to treat generalized anxiety disorder and could be a beneficial way to help people who cannot tolerate pharmacological interventions. Soaking in a hydrotherapy hot tub can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system and release endorphins, the body's feel-good hormones. Unchecked anxiety can cause physical side effects such as insomnia. A hot tub can lower your blood pressure and help you relax enough so that you can correct disrupted circadian rhythms.   

They Help You Manage Muscle and Joint Pain

Hydrotherapy hot tubs can help to reduce pain in people with musculoskeletal disorders, like fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis. Because the water supports your weight, there is reduced pressure on joints. People receiving hydrotherapy for osteoarthritis can improve their flexor and extensor strength, power, and endurance. If you invest in a larger hot tub, you'll be able to do low-impact exercises by gently moving your arms and legs through the water. Even if you don't have a larger hot tub, just moving arms back and forth and pumping legs while seated can be beneficial for improving range of motion and reducing pain.

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