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Big Questions About Coolsculpting For Fat Reduction

So many people have unwanted pockets of fat on their bodies. Maybe these pockets are to the side of your hips, or perhaps they're on the underside of your arms. The good news is that fat reduction options have come a long way in recent years. Liposuction and other invasive techniques are no longer your only options. In fact, more patients are turning to CoolSculpting, a procedure that uses freezing to kill your fat cells so your body can then remove them on its own. This can sound odd at first, and if you're considering CoolSculpting, it's normal to have a few questions, such as the following.

How does the practitioner freeze your fat cells?

You don't have to go into a chamber or sit on a block of ice. Rather, the practitioner will use a special wand, running it over parts of your body where you would like to lose the fat. The wand delivers a strong dose of "cold." But not all of your tissues freeze and die; just your fat cells do. The temperature and timing are very closely monitored to ensure the rest of your tissues stay healthy and strong.

How fast do results appear?

The results are not instant. It takes a few days for your body to essentially recognize that the fat cells are dead and to begin clearing them away. So, your results will develop in the weeks and months after treatment. You'll continue to look trimmer and trimmer by the day, which can be really inspiring.

Does it hurt?

CoolSculpting is not exactly comfortable, but it's not really painful, either. You can expect some irritation and perhaps some aching as the machine works. You may feel tugging sensations as the wand sucks your skin up close to its cooling mechanism. After treatment, the treated area might be a little achy and sore to the touch. However, most patients feel the results are well worth the level of discomfort they experience.

Will the fat come back?

The fat cells that die are removed and gone for good. However, you will still have some fat cells in the area, and those fat cells can still take on additional fat. So, you'll want to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine to remain trim after treatment.

If you have additional questions about CoolSculpting, turn to a cosmetic doctor near you. This is an awesome treatment for a lot of people. For more information on CoolSculpting treatments, contact a professional near you.