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Enjoy These Benefits Of Using A Cold Plunge Pool

Many spa properties have a variety of warm pools of water in which you can soak. You might be acquainted with doing so, but it can be advantageous to try one of the spa's cold plunge pools, too. While some people feel daunted about the idea of jumping into a body of water that is so chilly, it can be surprisingly enjoyable — and you can always hop back into a warm pool soon afterward if you wish to warm up. Here are some benefits of trying a cold plunge pool during your next spa visit.

Energized Feeling

You've likely soaked in hot water, whether it's in a pool at a spa or in a hot tub at a friend's home, and felt a deep sense of relaxation. Exposure to a cold plunge provides the opposite feeling — you'll commonly notice that you feel a lot more energized after this experience, even if being in the cold water lasts just a handful of seconds. A lot of people enjoy this energized feeling, and find that it can stay with them for a while. You may appreciate how you'll feel energized without the use of caffeine, which can be ideal for someone who occasionally experiences side effects upon consuming caffeinated products.

Reduced Muscle Aches

If you're dealing with some muscle soreness, spending some time in a cold plunge pool may help to alleviate this discomfort. Amateur and professional athletes often use ice baths to provide relief for sore muscles after workouts, practices, and games. Even if you're not an athlete — perhaps you have sore muscles from an injury or from your job, for example — you can benefit from how the cold water makes your muscles feel. It's not practical to stay in the cold plunge pool for a prolonged period, so consider several short stints in the water during your spa visit.

Improved Emotional Health

Many people find that cold plunges have a positive impact on their emotional health, particularly if they partake in this activity regularly. The cold temperature of the water causes your body to produce more "feel-good" hormones, which may improve your mood. If you're dealing with issues such as high stress or anxiety, you might find that cold plunges help to decrease the symptoms that have been disrupting your life. If you're interested in experiencing these and other benefits of taking a cold plunge, look online to find a spa in your area that has cold plunge pools.

For more information on the benefits of a cold pool plunge, contact a professional near you.