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Would Hormone Replacement Therapy Benefit You? Who It's For And Why To Get It

While hormone replacement therapy is not a procedure that every person (of any gender) may get, it's also a procedure that might be recommended to you for various reasons in the future. As you age, your body's hormone balance changes, or your body may have issues producing the hormones you need to function normally and comfortably. 

Hormone replacement is something your doctor may recommend to you and is not something you should try to self-diagnose or treat on your own, although there may be some natural remedies and home treatments (including a healthy diet and exercise) that can help. Should you get hormone replacement therapy and would it benefit you? Learn who it's for and why you should consider getting it so you can decide for yourself.

Who is hormone replacement therapy for?

Most often, hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is for females or people with female reproductive organs who are going through menopause. The treatments help ease the symptoms of menopause, which can be uncomfortable and excessive in how they feel. When a person gets older and their estrogen levels change due to menopause, they may start to experience dry skin, excess hair growth, hot flashes, irritability, trouble sleeping, lethargy, and more. Hormone replacement therapy can help a person going through these changes find better hormone balance.

Hormone replacement can also be considered for people who have male organs or hormones to help balance testosterone. These therapies may differ from traditional hormone replacement therapy but aim to have similar results for the reasons for care. Hormone therapy can help males who have low testosterone to balance out their bodies, boost their mood and sexual drive, and more.

Do you need hormone replacement therapy?

This is a personal question for you and your doctor to answer, but odds are, if you're concerned about your hormones, it's at least worth looking into. You can take hormone replacement therapy for a short while to see if it works well for you or discuss other options with your doctor. You can combine HRT with lifestyle changes to give you great results and help you feel in control of your body and mind again.

Many people go through hormone changes at various stages of life. Having access to treatment and care can help ease your fears about hormone change and help you feel better about yourself. Insurance may also help with hormone replacement, which you should keep in mind as you explore your options if budgeting for care is a concern.

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