Big Questions About Coolsculpting For Fat Reduction

So many people have unwanted pockets of fat on their bodies. Maybe these pockets are to the side of your hips, or perhaps they're on the underside of your arms. The good news is that fat reduction options have come a long way in recent years. Liposuction and other invasive techniques are no longer your only options. In fact, more patients are turning to CoolSculpting, a procedure that uses freezing to kill your fat cells so your body can then remove them on its own. [Read More]

The What's, Why's, And Where's Of Choosing A Medical Spa

Why should you choose a medical spa? You have cosmetic needs, wants, and goals. But you may not be sure if a med spa, traditional day spa, salon, or plastic surgeon's office is the best option. Before you schedule a treatment or a service, take a look at the what's, why's, and where's of med spa use. What Is A Med Spa? Even though the word spa is in the title, a med spa differs from day spas and resort-type spas. [Read More]

Who Is A Good Candidate For Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphatic massage is a gentle massage technique that is said to improve lymphatic circulation. This treatment is sometimes used to reduce swelling from lymphedema, a condition in which the lymphatic system is damaged and fluid accumulates in the tissues. Of course, it's also a great option for others. There are many reasons to consider lymphatic massage. You may be a good candidate for this therapeutic technique if any of these symptoms sound familiar. [Read More]

3 Health Benefits Of Hydrotherapy Hot Tubs

If you are interested in getting a hot tub, you may be trying to decide whether you want a hydrotherapy hot tub or a recreational hot tub. Hydrotherapy is a branch of alternative medicine/physiotherapy where bathing and/or water exercises are used to treat health issues, like muscle aches. Hydrotherapy hot tubs tend to feature more ergonomically designed seats, more temperature control, and massaging jets. Some hydrotherapy tubs may also be fitted with cartridges for saltwater and other mineral additives (known as balneotherapy). [Read More]